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Christian Fatherhood as Vocation Conferences


Looking for a speaker for your Parish or Catholic organization? If so, we'll be happy to present our message on the importance of redeeming and re-building the role of the father in Catholic families.

This conference focuses on fathering as vocation - perhaps one of the most neglected topics in the last century. We examine the role of the father in theology, tradition and scripture and then look at practical ways for fathers to embrace their old and new testament heritage.

In the course of the conference, we explore the following questions.

  • Can the family be saved without saving the father?
  • What is the domestic church? How does the father fit into this concept?
  • Is the ideal of father as spiritual leader outmoded?
  • What are the practical steps that a father can take to protect his family in a modernist world?
  • How can embracing fatherhood as vocation fend the dangers of mid-life crises?
  • Can incorporating the domestic church protect your family from the ravages of divorce?
  • Who should be the head of the family?
  • Is it ever too late to hope for the healing of a broken family?
  • Is it an accident that the diminishing recognition of the importance of the father in the home and the Church preceded the crisis in religous vocations?

If you have a group in the Washington metro-area that is interested in hearing our message, then please contact us to discuss your needs and schedule.

For information on a talk at your Parish or organization, call Steve Graves at (301) 773-8899 or send email to editor@catholicwitness.com.

Honorariums are incidental to our mission and will be waived on request. If you can afford it, a $5.00 to $10.00 donation per attendent to cover materials, workbooks, and other expenses would be appreciated. Reserve online with credit card or provide a free-will offering at your event. Heck, we believe this message is so important, we might pay you!

Program options include a one hour overview, half day conference; full day conference, weekend retreat and a six week lecture and formation series.

Available Speakers
  • Dr. Joseph Atkinson, Assistant Professor of Sacred Scripture and Pastoral Theology,
    John Paul II Institute
  • Nicholas Bagileo, Director, Office for Family Life Ministry and NFP, Archdiocese of Washington, D.C.
  • Steve Graves, T.O.P., CatholicWitness Editor

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